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We are a three generation farming family that began years ago on a small dairy farm in Southern Utah. Grandpa Braswell spent his mornings and evenings with his cattle, milking them and bottle feeding calves. Now, more than sixty years later, we love having the opportunity to raise our family the same way. Living in such a quickly changing world, we observe the slow pace of farm life disappearing before our eyes. We see value in raising our family to learn and appreciate the ethics and standards of hard work that were passed down to us by our parents while working together on the farm.

Our family includes Shayn and Kristen and our four little farmhands. We all enjoy being outdoors and around the animals but our boys absolutely love it. They all excitedly run outside to do the chores together each day. They especially enjoy feeding the chickens, gathering eggs and helping Dad drive our big draft horses, King & Duke. We truly are a family farm and your support helps us preserve and pass this way of life onto our children and the generations to come.