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Master traditional healing methods to feed your family, pick up homesteading tips from Farmer Shayn, or learn how to best use the food we sell. Take a class here at the farm! Classes are held on a rotating basis - if you can't attend on a specific date, it will come around again.

DISCLAIMER: Class tuition is non-refundable, but is transferable to another individual for the registered class. If this situation arises please contact us at sales@utahnaturalmeat.com

Please ensure a current email address is associated with your registration as we will send class information this way. Seating is limited - sign up early to secure your spot.


Beginning Cheesemaking - Mozzarella

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 at 1:00pm (Sold Out)


Cheese produced with grass-fed raw milk is jam packed with nutrients and the flavor is unmatched. Making your own may seem a little intimidating, but it's actually easier than you think! Join Farmer Shayn as he takes you through the details of creating a simple mozzarella, from the process to the supplies needed. You'll leave with the knowledge to make your own mozzarella at home in as little as thirty minutes.

Price: $20

Class Length: 60 minutes

Instructor: Shayn Bowler - Owner at Utah Natural Meat & Milk


  • Samples & taste-testing
  • Instructional booklet & recipes
Beginning Cheesemaking - One Seat



A Wellness Journey: Food, Supplements, & Glycobiology

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 at 6:30pm

How Has Our Food Been Altered? What’s Natural About Being Synthetic? What is Glycosylation? And why does any of this matter to you? Join Larry & Angie Law as we discuss these questions more in-depth and look at what has happened to the foundation of our food supply, how the “staff of life” is no longer the grain it used to be, and what GMOs are and why you need to know. This class will give you a foundation of a critical, but little known, field of science called Glycobiology. This science is the "missing link" of health and nutrition. It impacts your immune system, digestive system, cognitive function, and all body systems Learn how they are vitally supported by cellular communication achieved through glycosylation. You'll also receive a Consumer Awareness Guide to help you determine the critical difference between natural & synthetic vitamins, and organic & inorganic minerals, as well as why plant source matters and how to know if what’s really inside your bottle is safe and effective.

Price: $5

Class Length: 60 minutes

Instructor: Larry & Angie Law - Founders of Angie's Option Inc., Author of "There’s An Elephant in the Room—Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health"


  • Consumer Awareness Guide
  • Class Study Sheet
  • Wellness Resource Sheet

A Wellness Journey - One Seat