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1. Does the milk come in glass containers? While we would love to use glass, unfortunately it is not very cost effective. We bottle our milk every two to three days, which means a short period of time the milk is in the container.

2. Do you sell raw cream or raw butter? Current Utah laws prohibit the sale of raw cream, raw butter, and any other products but raw milk and raw cheese.

3. What breed of dairy cows do you raise? We currently milk all Jersey cows.

4. Are your cows A1 or A2? We do not milk Holstein cows like most commercial dairies. Because all of our cows are Jerseys they are more likely to be A2, however, our cows have not been tested.

5. Is raw milk safe to drink? We believe it is. We recognize that because our milk is raw this is an area of concern. We adhere to strict cleanliness procedures and mandatory state testing, in addition to regular testing of our own. Handled correctly, raw milk has a low risk of becoming contaminated. We strongly recommend you do your own research on both raw milk and the farmer you choose to purchase it from. We welcome inquiries about our cleanliness and sanitation procedures and are happy to answer any questions you have. We also suggest checking out RealMilk.com for more information.

6. How long will the milk keep? Raw milk keeps best cold and closed. If left in warm temperatures and/or without the cap on the bacteria inside will grow rapidly, causing the milk to quickly sour. If kept properly, milk will hold it's sweet flavor about 10-14 days past the sell by date on the carton, although many people enjoy it as it becomes sour and continue to drink it that way. Even if it's reached a point where you don't want to drink it, you can still use it for kefir, yogurt and more.