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Spring Has Sprung! (March 2017 Update)

We survived the winter and have been loving the sunshine. We snapped this picture of our goats out one afternoon - the animals are enjoying the warmer weather too.

Did you know we offer goat meat in our store? It's worth a try - it has a very distinct flavor. All of our goats are 100% grass fed too, just like our beef.

Please take note! Beginning April 15 our Saturday store hours will be 10:00am-3:00pm. Between milking, feeding, cleaning & bottling, it's too much for our team to get done before we open. We've found we need an extra hour to have everything ready for your visit. We'll send out another reminder email as the date approaches. (Tuesday & Thursday store hours will remain the same.)

Our butcher has been having some problems with his smoker, so unfortunately our cured meats are not restocked. We hope to have them next week, but we'll keep you updated and get an email out when they're ready.

Chicks are in the brooders and doing well. Our first batch will be ready in May. As we get closer we'll have a firm date.

Brats are back in stock and we've had them on the menu twice this week already. They're that good! One night we grilled, and one night we pan-fried them in a little raw butter*. Delicious! Four brats to a package for $6 and available in our farm store.

(By state law, we cannot sell raw butter. Or raw cream. Or raw anything - but raw milk. We do skim the cream off our milk and make our own butter and it's AWESOME. Try it sometime!)

It's the perfect time to stock your freezer with healthy meat for the winter. Our next bulk orders will be available APRIL 20 & 22. Deposits are due TOMORROW, SATURDAY, APRIL 1. Corriente & Angus beef, pork, lamb and salmon are all currently available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

What's a farm without a barnyard cat, right? This is Woody*, our resident mouse-catcher. It's rare that we see her much during store days as she's pretty shy and stays away from people she doesn't know, but you might catch a glimpse here and there while she's on the hunt. She's an awesome mouser and fits in perfectly here at the farm.

(*Name courtesy of a Toy Story-loving, five-year old boy.)


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