What's In a Name?


It appears that we should add an update at the beginning of this post as some comments we receive ask about corn, soy & GMOs in our animal's diets. As stated in other areas of our website we currently do not feed them corn or soy and their feed is GMO free. This post was written in 2011 and since 2013 we have been able to find alternatives to use, including our sprouting greenhouses.


We have received a few inquiries in recent weeks asking us if our meat is "organic". In Shayn's first post to this blog he gives our thoughts on the subject, as well as the vision we have for our farm. As always, we welcome your thoughts, opinions and comments!

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An opinion about "ORGANIC"

Let it be understood that this discussion is about organic as it pertains to meat and the treatment of those animals, not as it regards plants, other animals or vegetables. There have been concerned people who have asked us if the meat that we raise is "organic". The simple answer is, we are not. The reasons surrounding that decision are many. I will share two.

First, in our society we have come to believe a false pretense about the label "organic". Thus, it has become misleading in some ways. For example, the organic label on a chicken may specify what food that chicken ate while alive but does not attempt to regulate whether that chicken was debeaked or grown in a contained building with many other birds and hence exposed to some fecal contamination in the air they breathe. There are many examples of this as it relates to the raising of other animals as well.

Second, it is costly to have the organic label. The label "ORGANIC" was created by our government. If a farm would like to use that label it must pay very high fees to the regulatory government agency. Also, "certified organic" feed for the animals must be purchased elsewhere which as you can imagine is more expensive for the same reason. This becomes unreasonable when we are able to get feed for our animals that is just as good or better and is locally produced, and in the case of our cows we raise the feed ourselves. Participation in this would serve to raise our meat prices to you the consumer, rendering it too expensive for many families to have the option to eat healthy. And that in our opinion is unfair.

Perhaps another fact about "organic" is that it was created and remains under the control of the same government body, namely the USDA, that allows newly created food products to flood our market place without being sufficiently tested. Only after an ill-effect, and in some cases an individual suffers death, is there then a recall and subsequently an investigation as to whether the accused product is worthy of nationwide distribution and consumption.

In conclusion, we at Utah Natural Meat don't feel that a label from the government is warranted in order for us to be confident about the quality of our animals when in fact our animals far exceed the requirements stipulated by the USDA as being "organic". It has also been our experience that the customer who is concerned about clean, healthy food is sufficiently knowledgeable and proactive as to recognize the staggering difference among available choices in the marketplace. Our farm has always been under the philosophy of the importance of transparency. Being as we are local, all are welcome to browse the animals, approve of their living conditions, inspect the food they receive, and even learn of the humane harvesting practices in use. In contrast we invite you to visit an "organic" meat farm to derive your own conclusion. Certainly, no label could be considered better than seeing first hand that the animals at our farm meet your personal standards.

The vision we foster is to locally support our community through any necessary purchase of feed and other items from surrounding farms and to offer to that same community the clean, healthy and enjoyable meat that has been otherwise lost in the mass production of animals. If you share that vision we welcome your support!


*drumroll please*

The winners of our facebook giveaway are:

Ron Bracken


Mistie Jones

Yes, we were only planning on one winner, but Shayn was feeling generous. :) Congratulations you guys! Ron & Mistie, please contact us within 48 hours to claim your prize. And again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our customers for your support. We "like" you guys too. This was fun - we'll have to do these giveaways more often!

I also want to mention that we are now selling pork! Happy, healthy, pasture raised pigs. You can get more information and place your deposit on our pork page.

We sent an e-mail yesterday to those signed up for our e-mail list which included information about pork. If you are signed up for our mailing list and you didn't receive it, please check your spam folder. If you would like to sign up you can do so here.

And for those of you interested in our farm fresh, free range eggs, those are now available also. Visit our egg page for more information.


a few items of business

1. We have a mailing list! Yea! We have had customers ask about it and are excited to have the option of sending the latest news and updates from Utah Natural Meat. If you haven't joined yet, you can sign up HERE.

2. Let's talk Thanksgiving. Okay! Okay! I know we JUST got done with the holidays. (You can stop throwing things at me :) But, believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about what you will be serving at your feast in November. We will be offering all natural, pasture raised turkeys this year and we're currently working on adding them to our website. You will be able to place a deposit to hold your bird and choose between a fresh or frozen turkey. More details to come. Gobble Gobble!

3. The pigs are very, very big. And will be very, very tasty. We're also working on adding them to the site so you can place your order soon. It looks like they'll be ready in a month, with a pick-up date at the beginning of March. Again, more details to come.

4. We have awesome customers! We're excited to be "liked" by so many people on facebook and that number is quickly approaching 100. To celebrate this monumentous occasion we're going to hold a giveaway. Once we reach 100 we'll throw all your names in a hat (a cowboy hat if Alpine has his way) and draw a winner for a $20 credit to Utah Natural Meat. Twenty bucks to spend on any of our products. You can use it towards the purchase of a whole cow. Or a plump, juicy chicken. Maybe you'd like a pot roast instead. Whatever you prefer! So help us out by spreading the word - you can share our page or send our website to anyone who is looking for good, clean food. Our farm really depends on your referrals and we appreciate the many friends and family members you have sent our way. Thank you! 


Farming = FUN!

I know we've all heard that blondes have more fun, but I have to agree with Alpine on this one.

Oh I apologize for the lack of updates over the past couple of months! Those of you who have visited our farm know we haven't been lounging around - although that sounds quite nice.

  • We've had many beef orders, many chicken orders and have met so many wonderful new people!
  • We also had to prepare the animals for winter - water heaters, straw beds, move the cows, etc.
  • Equipment breakdowns. Grrrr.
  • Shayn is currently rushing to install new power lines and water lines before the ground freezes for a few months. We are expanding our poultry pasture so we can raise turkeys next year!

Even with the busy life that farming brings, it really is fun. Yesterday while Shayn was out digging trenches, Alpine was right alongside him, shovel in hand, working in the mud and sliding down the piles of dirt. He came in after dark with rosy cheeks, a runny nose and a huge smile on his face. A perfect day for this kid.



Happy Mail!

We received this wonderful e-mail from Susan today and wanted to share!

"Just a note to say the chicken I purchased from you is absolutely delicious. Not only that ~ but I was amazed at the difference in the smell as it cooked and even the look of the chicken as I cut it up.  What a difference . . I've purchased a lot of so-called-natural chicken from Costco, Harmons, Whole Foods, and etc.  . . . not one even compares with yours.

The beef is also excellent.  I've cooked one roast and a couple of pounds of ground beef. The roast was tender and flavorful, the ground beef is, also, very flavorful.  My daughter noticed a difference in the "fresh" smell as the beef cooked and asked where it was from.

Hats off ! ! ! and 'thank you.'"