Fish, Fowl, & Farm Fat! (July 2018 Update)


We will be open normal farm hours for Independence Day:
Tuesday, July 3 | 2:00-6:00pm
Thursday, July 5 | 2:00-6:00pm
Saturday, July 7 | 10:00am-3:00pm
We will have a different schedule for Pioneer Day in order to celebrate with our families. Please visit us on the following days:
Monday, July 23 | 2:00-6:00pm
Thursday, July 26 | 2:00-6:00pm
Saturday, July 28 | 10:00am-3:00pm

It's July, which means our fishing friends at Kwee-Jack Fish Co. will soon be in Bristol Bay, Alaska for the yearly salmon run. Once finished, they'll flash freeze the salmon and ship it straight to our farm. It's fresh, delicious, and the health benefits are awesome. Plus it's sushi grade so it's perfect for your favorite homemade roll. You won't find better salmon!

We are now taking deposits for salmon orders:

  • $275 for a 20 pound case ($13.75/lb)
  • $50 deposit required
  • $225 for the balance at pickup
  • We anticipate the fish arriving mid-September.

Supply is limited each year - we recommend ordering soon to reserve your case. Visit our website to place your deposit: Utah Natural Meat Salmon


Now in addition to whole chickens, we have our UNM Pastured Chicken Cut Ups available.  This includes the following:

  • Boneless/Skinless Breast - $10.00/pound
  • Tenders - $8.00/pound
  • Leg/Thigh - $4.00/pound
  • Wings - $3.00/pound
  • Backs & Bones - $2.00/pound
Whole birds are also available, as well as feet, necks, heart, liver, & heads.

We'll kick of July with a class on Keto, and then later in the month we'll welcome Larry & Angie Law to present at the farm for the first time. Below is what's currently on the calendar. Follow the links to sign up!

Instructor - Kristin Whitaker
Tuition - $10
THURSDAY, JULY 12 at 6:30pm
Keto: what’s behind this crazy “new” diet? Does it sound to good to be true? Are you suspicious of an all-bacon diet? Come learn fact from fad with Shopgirl Kristin and see what nutritionists are saying about this massively popular diet.  Let’s look “under the hood” of your metabolism to understand more of how ketogenics works.  Learn the therapeutic and nutritional benefits of “Clean Keto” and how to avoid many of the pitfalls that cause people to fail.  Learn how to customize a plan for you, how/if you should measure ketones, what you can expect when you begin, and how long you should do it for. Expect 45 minutes of lecture followed by Q&A. Bring all your questions and find out if keto might be a good fit for you.
Instructor - Shayn Bowler
Tuition - $50 (Includes one pastured UNM chicken)
SATURDAY, JULY 14 at 1:00pm
Raising chickens & turkeys is one thing - then what comes next? Current poultry laws make it difficult to find someone to prepare your bird for the freezer, but this is something you CAN do yourself. Farmer Shayn will teach you a valuable skill that is quickly becoming lost in our day and age. This class will give you the hands on experience of harvesting poultry, using both larger equipment and simple tools you already own. He'll also show you how to break down a bird into parts, and you'll leave with a whole pastured chicken & organs ready to cook at home.
Instructor - Larry & Angie Law
Tuition - $5
THURSDAY, JULY 26 at 6:30pm
How Has Our Food Been Altered? What’s Natural About Being Synthetic? What is Glycosylation? And why does any of this matter to you? Join Larry & Angie Law as we discuss these questions more in-depth and look at what has happened to the foundation of our food supply, how the “staff of life” is no longer the grain it used to be, and what GMOs are and why you need to know. This class will give you a foundation of a critical, but little known, field of science called Glycobiology. This science is the "missing link" of health and nutrition. It impacts your immune system, digestive system, cognitive function, and all body systems  Learn how they are vitally supported by cellular communication achieved through glycosylation. You'll also receive a Consumer Awareness Guide to help you determine the critical difference between natural & synthetic vitamins, and organic & inorganic minerals, as well as why plant source matters and how to know if what’s really inside your bottle is safe and effective. 

Don't forget the opportunity to help us bottle-feed our calves! Every Saturday at 11:00am.

NEW PRODUCTS - Fabulous Fats & Beautiful Broths!
Calling all Lard Lovers - we've got you covered! UNM Lard is now available. Made from our pastured pork, it's a healthy, real fat perfect for baking or frying your favorite foods. In stock at the farm for $9/tub (aporox 1.75 pounds).
We also just finished a batch of our delicious beef bone broth. Made with our grass-fed bones & one of our pastured chicken feet, it's chock full of collagen and other healing compounds. In stock at the farm for $7.50/quart.
Having these staples prepared and ready to use in your kitchen makes it so much easier to incorporate them into your everyday routine!

Our next bulk orders will be available AUGUST 9 & 11. Deposits are due SUNDAY, JULY 22. Corriente beef, Angus beef, pork, and lamb are all available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

Bulk salmon cases are sold out and but we're taking deposits for the 2018 catch now. Individual fillets are still available in the store while supplies last.

If you're smoking or grilling this week for your Independence Day BBQ we've got your meat! Ribs, chops, steak, salmon, burgers - take your pick of fresh cuts from the farm. And if you need an easy, quick meal we now have UNM Smoked Kielbasa. These bratwurst are pre-cooked, which means you simply warm it and serve it - that's it! Your favorite brat is ready in no time at all. Seasoned and smoked right here in our on-farm butcher shop, these are juicy & full of flavor.

Remember our tiny turkeys from last month? Once they reached three weeks old and had most of their feathers it was time to move them outside. We love observing when they make the transition & investigate their new place - pecking at grass, scratching in the dirt, running & flapping their wings. It's fun to watch them as they have the opportunity to simply be a turkey & exhibit their natural instincts.






New Products: UNM Bone Broth & Farm Swag

We have a couple of new products we wanted to give you a head's up about:

Unsure about making your own broth? Maybe you don't have the time to invest right now? We've got you covered! UNM Bone Broths are now available to purchase! Simmered right here in our butcher shop, our broths are made with our beautiful bones & chicken feet, seasoned with basic spices and ready for your favorite recipe. Beef & pork currently available frozen, and we just finished a batch of turkey broth today - it's chilled and fresh in our fridge. Pricing is $7.50/quart and jars are stocked for the store tomorrow.

Now you can rep your favorite farm and look good doing it - UNM swag is here! Show your love for happy animals and local food. Check it out next time you visit the market. (Kudos to Shopgirl Kristin for the awesome designs. Her talent knows no bounds!)

Shirts - $17. Available in S, M, L, XL

Hats - $12. Adjustable. Black, Blue, Green & Pink available.

Bags - $14. Big & sturdy! Will easily hold a couple gallons of your favorite raw milk and then some.



We just added some great classes to the schedule last week. Check out our education center at the links below for more information and to secure your spot!


Instructor - Kristin Whitaker

Tuition - $25 (Includes two packages of bones, samples, recipes, etc.)

THURSDAY, JUNE 28 at 6:30pm (this week!)


Instructor - Kristin Whitaker

Tuition - $10

THURSDAY, JULY 12 at 6:30pm

FOWL FUNDAMENTALS: The How-To of Harvesting Poultry
Instructor - Shayn Bowler

Tuition - $50 (Includes one pastured UNM chicken)

SATURDAY, JULY 14 at 1:00pm (2 Seats Remaining)

SATURDAY, AUGUST 18 at 1:00pm (6 Seats Remaining)

A WELLNESS JOURNEY: What You Should Know About Your Food, Supplements, & Glycobiology

Instructors - Larry & Angie Law

Tuition - $5

THURSDAY, JULY 26 at 6:30pm


Chicken In Stock! (June 2018 Update)

Our signature UNM corn & soy free pastured birds are finally back! Whole chickens will be in the market beginning TOMORROW - SATURDAY, JUNE 9th. This is just our first group for the season. We'll harvest another group in a couple of weeks and then about every week afterward, so when these birds sell out don't worry - there's more on the way!

UNM Pastured Chicken
  • $5.00/pound
  • Whole birds only at this time
  • Feet, necks, heart & liver also in stock at $4/bag
  • Available on a first-come basis



We've had quite a few new friends of the farm lately and thought we'd take a minute to introduce ourselves. So, hello! We're the Bowlers - a family of six living on a farm in the middle of West Jordan. Shayn handles the day to day chores & logistics of a dairy, butcher shop, market, animals, etc. - mainly anything outdoors. Kristen's usually running the business side which includes orders, customer service, accounting, social media (hi!), etc. Together, with the rest of our team, we've created a UNM urban oasis - a place we invite our community to visit & enjoy.

Shayn is the fifth-generation of a family farm which began years ago in Southern Utah; his dad's family growing hay in Enterprise & his mom's running a dairy in Veyo. Now, many years later, we value the opportunity to raise our family the same way. Your support allows us to do something we love while we teach this way of life not only to our kids, but also anyone with a desire to farm, which then benefits generations to come.

(We'll be highlighting our farm team in the weeks to come. It takes all of us working together to bring the best food to your table!)

With summer schedules our class lineup has slowed down, but we do have a few in the works we'll be adding soon. Check the Education page on our site for updates as they become available.

Below is what's currently on the calendar. Follow the link to sign up!

Fowl Fundamentals: The How-To of Harvesting Poultry
Instructor - Shayn Bowler

Tuition - $50 (Includes one pastured UNM chicken)

SATURDAY, JUNE 23 at 1:00pm (SOLD OUT)
SATURDAY, JULY 14 at 1:00pm (5 Seats Available)

Don't forget the opportunity to help us bottle-feed our calves! Every Saturday at 11:00am.


We had an exciting arrival this week - TWINS! And the best news is they're both heifers and both healthy and doing well. Their mom is 1290, one of our original dairy cows we began milking just for our family years ago, and she was a rock star, delivering both without needing any assistance from us.

Twins are rare, happening on average around 5% of the time in dairy breeds, although we tend to have them more often here at the farm. But multiples aren't always a good thing.

Half of the time when a set of twins is born one will be a heifer and one a bull. When it occurs there is a 90% chance the heifer will be a "freemartin", which means she is infertile. Early on in the pregnancy it’s common for the separate embryos to fuse and then share the same blood supply. Hormones from the male fetus can cross to the female fetus causing reproductive abnormalities in the female. Instead of carrying the typical XX chromosomes of a female, a freemartin heifer will carry a Y chromosome. The heifer will otherwise be completely healthy - just unable to reproduce. In those instances we raise the cow for beef instead as the reproduction aspect is kind of a key component when running a dairy.

So there is your bovine science lesson for today. There's always something interesting you can learn on the farm!


Our next bulk orders will be available JULY 5 & 7. Deposits are due SUNDAY, JUNE 17. Corriente beef, Angus beef, pork, and lamb are all available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

Bulk salmon cases are sold out and we will begin taking deposits for the 2018 catch soon. Individual fillets are still available in the store while supplies last.

Turkey is almost gone and will not be in the market again until November. We still have backs, fat, and leg/thighs in stock.

Hogganero Ketchup from our favorite BBQ guys at Big Daddy Hill's. It has a bit of a delicious bite as they combine Habanero peppers with their flavorful ketchup. Plus there's a bonus of some natural bacon thrown in - because everything's better with bacon! $5/bottle and available in the store.



Our turkey poults recently arrived! The USPS is the only carrier who will ship live poultry, and it's always an interesting and somewhat humorous experience to pick up the poults at the post office. They're now nestled in our brooder with fresh food and water, happily chirping away. Hoping all goes well for the next five-ish months - poultry can be a little precarious to raise outdoors.


June is National Dairy Month and what better way to celebrate than showcasing our beautiful Jersey gals eating their greens! We let the spring grass grow as long as we can and last week the ladies were sent out to enjoy it.



New Beef Option: 1/8th Angus

We now have a new option for our Angus beef bulk orders! In addition to quarter, half, and whole beef selections, you may now also choose an eighth. Same price per pound but in a smaller quantity.

1/8th Angus
- 70 pounds of packaged meat
- $437.50 ($6.25/pound)
- 100% grass fed Angus from start to finish
- $75.00 deposit
Our next pick up dates are June 14 & 16 and deposits are being accepted through this Sunday, May 27. Angus beef, pork, and lamb are still available.
Corriente Beef bulk orders are sold out for June. We are now accepting deposits for July pick up.
Salmon bulk orders are sold out. We still have individual fillets at the farm and will begin accepting deposits for cases of the 2018 catch some time in June. Watch your inbox for more information soon.
If you're celebrating with family & friends this weekend, stop by the farm and stock up on your favorite cuts. Brats, steaks, chops, salmon, burgers, brisket - grab some grass fed goodness for your grill or smoker.

Here's To Our Favorite Farm Moms! (May 2018 Update)

Hey all, it's Shopgirl Kristin here! I was too busy momming to get this out on time, but I had to post a Mother's Day shout out to all the Super Moms who walk through the store doors. I am inspired by you every day! I see you going to great lengths to get your kids real food, sacrificing time and money to do so. I see you stepping out of your comfort zones to take a chance on a new way of eating that will heal your family. I see you reading and researching the latest bit of info that could prove the missing piece to your puzzle as you care for your kids. I see you generously sharing your knowledge with other moms on their journeys. I see you setting up experiences for your children to connect with the farm and their food. I see you working hard to nourish them, body and soul. I hope you know all your efforts are invaluable and each day is adding up to amazing things! Your influence for good cannot be quantified. One thing I love most about my job is watching the Moms (and Dads too!) do what they do best. Here's to you!!


We're excited to welcome Dr. Rick Henriksen, founder of Kestrel Wellness, to the farm for a class on seasonal allergies. Come with your questions - he's ready to answer them! Farmer Shayn will also be offering his poultry processing class again. It's almost full so register ASAP if you'd like to join us in June.

And we're working out the details with Martha at Abigail's Oven to teach us all about sourdough bread! Once we have a date scheduled we'll post it on our site and social media pages.

Below is what's currently on the calendar. Follow the links to sign up!

Natural Solutions for Your Allergies
THURSDAY, MAY 31 at 6:30pm
Instructor - Dr. Rick Henriksen of Kestrel Wellness

Fowl Fundamentals: The How-To of Harvesting Poultry
SATURDAY, JUNE 23 at 1:00pm
Instructor - Shayn Bowler

Don't forget the opportunity to help us bottle-feed our calves! Every Saturday at 11:00am.


This bucket milking system is what we use to milk our cows each morning. Our parlor is built for two cows at a time, and as each gal comes in we thoroughly wash her udder and then attach the milker. It can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes for her to milk out, depending on the cow. The milk flows through the white tube into the bucket, and then it's poured into our bulk tank where it is immediately chilled to thirty-three degrees. It's the same routine each day and our goal is to keep it that way, as content cows are happy cows. And our happy cows give us the best raw milk around!

We're bottling fresh milk this morning and stocking it on our shelves. As the weather continues to warm the cows give more, so we have plenty at the farm right now. It's a great time to make ice cream, try your hand at cheese, or culture a little extra kefir. If you haven't tasted our raw milk yet stop by and pick up some to try! Gallon $9.00 Half-Gallon $6.00

Our next bulk orders will be available JUNE 14 & 16. Deposits are due SUNDAY, MAY 31. Angus beef, pork, lamb and salmon are all available - our Corriente beef is sold out for this order. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

CHICKEN UPDATE - We plan on having chicken again in June! We don't have an exact availability date yet but we'll send an email when we do. Whole birds will be offered first, and as we then harvest additional groups we will have cut-ups in stock also.

Turkey is almost gone and will not be in the market again until November. We still have bones, fat, tails, and some leg/thighs in stock.

Raised here at the farm in our underground greenhouse, these heirloom tomato plants are ready for your garden. There's nothing like a juicy garden grown tomato from your own backyard!  Available at the market and $3/each.

If you're unable to grow your own, we're planting here too and will have farm fresh tomatoes available later this summer along with a variety of other produce. No herbicides. No pesticides. Just locally grown goodness.

We also have a great variety of microgreens which come from our greenhouse. Sunflower, peas, radish, wheatgrass, & more. They're great in smoothies, on salads, or sauteed with your favorite healthy animal fat.

Speaking of animals fats - Do you render them? Cook with them? Bake with them? This is a jar of a pig fat/turkey fat combo our market manager, Kristin, rendered and it's delicious! I use it often to roast vegetables which everyone in our family loves. This is yams & brussels sprouts drizzled with the fat and sprinkled with sea salt. So simple and so good.

Our farm philosophy is to use the whole animal so we do carry a variety of fats - currently beef (also known as suet), pork, turkey, & lamb. Rendering them is quite easy. Add your chopped or ground fat to a large pot or slow cooker, set on a very low heat, let cook for several hours & stir frequently. That's it! You'll have a delicious, healthy fat from a local grass-fed animal to add to your diet.

You can find a list of the different organs, bones & fats we carry right here: Organs & Bones

(Chicken & turkey are seasonal & availability is limited)


Buttermilk pancakes topped with buttermilk syrup. This was heavenly!

When making butter you're left with buttermilk, a slightly sour superfood full of bacteria your gut needs, as well as vitamins, potassium, and calcium. It's considered a cultured or fermented dairy product, and the best when made from raw milk - from your local farm of course. ;)

We recently finished a batch of butter which left us with this amazing buttermilk to use! A few ways we like to eat it:

- Overnight oats
- Buttermilk biscuits
- Homemade Ranch dressing
- Meat marinade
- Overnight buttermilk pancakes (recipe linked)
- Buttermilk Syrup (recipe linked)

So grab some raw milk, skim the cream, & try making some butter! Not only will you have the most beautiful raw butter, but this powerhouse buttermilk to use too.

(If you have a favorite buttermilk recipe please let us know! We're always looking for new ways to use it.)