Turkeys are Here & the Last Bulk Order of the Year


1. Thanksgiving Turkeys are now available to purchase at our farm store. We have some Bourbon Red turkeys (avg. 7 lbs) for $6.50/lb. and plenty of Broad-Breasted turkeys (avg. 16 lbs) for $5.00/lb. All of our birds are pasture-raised, eating grasses, barley sprouts and non-GMO grains. They are corn & soy free and never receive any antibiotics. All birds are FROZEN and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Pick one up this week for your holiday feast! More information can be found here: Turkeys

We also have turkey cut-ups available. We currently have the following in stock: boneless/skinless breasts, wings, leg/thigh and bones.

2. Our last BULK ORDER for the year will be December 5 & 7. Deposits are due by this Saturday, November 16, to reserve meat for those pick up days. We have grass-fed and finished Corriente & Angus beef as well as pastured-pork. All are fed a non-GMO diet and never given any antibiotics. Stock your freezer with delicious beef & pork for these cold winter months! Find out more here:

Corriente Beef
Angus Beef
Pastured Pork

(After December, our next bulk order date is anticipated to be in March of 2014.)

We wish you a Wonderful and Bountiful Thanksgiving!


Is Your Grill On?

What are you plans for the weekend?

Will a bar-be-que be involved as you celebrate Memorial Day? Don't forget to grab the meat you need as you kick-off summer. We have brats and a selection of steaks, both Corriente & Angus, in stock for pickup Thursday & Saturday.

Bratwurst: $6/package
Rib & T-bone Steaks: $10/lb.
Sirloin Steaks: $9/lb.
Tenderloin/Filets: $15/lb.

Or if you're using a smoker, we'll have all of our pork cuts in stock as well - including ribs! And yes, we have bacon again too!

Store hours are:
Thursday: 2-5:30pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm

We hope you have a great Memorial Day.


DIY: Bone Broth and Lard

If you've been to our farm, you've probably seen people buying animal bones & fat.

"What in the world do you do with those?" you may wonder. You're not the only one! Most people are in the same boat. But did you know that bones from our grass-fed animals makes fantastic, nutrient-dense broth that can be used in a variety of recipes? And fat from our pastured pigs can give you a healthy, saturated fat in the form of lard which is great for cooking? Plus, both are so easy to make!

Kristin at Little Purple Barn shared a great tutorial on how to make your own broth. Say good-bye to the canned broths as it's a very simple process that she describes as "nearly fool-proof". Check it out here: The Brilliance of Bone Broth

Elizabeth at Wonderfully Balanced posted basic instructions on how to render lard. She goes through it step-by-step and has pictures to show what your lard should look like along the way. Her post is here: How to Render Lard

We have plenty of bones (beef, lamb & pork), as well as pork fat, in stock right now at our farm store!

Bones: $3.00/pound
Fat: $2.50/pound

Stop by and visit Thursdays from 2-5:30 and Saturdays from 9am-12pm.


Help Protect Our Farm!

We need your help!

With upcoming development and a new highway being built directly west of us, we are applying for a property rezone with West Jordan City. We are asking them to rezone our property from Rural Residential to Agriculture in order to protect our farm and allow us to continue raising animals in this area. We are doing this at the recommendation of the city, who have been very supportive, but we have a few neighbors who are against the rezone.

Because of this we are asking you to take a few minutes and email the all the councilmembers before the meeting on Wednesday, May 8 to voice your support. Some issues they may consider are:

Is our farm a benefit to the community?
Are the animals taken care of?
Is the farm well-kept?
Are there any offensive odors or noises?
Any other comments you would like them to consider. Let them know WHY you love our farm!

West Jordan Mayor & Councilmember Contact Information:
Mayor Melissa Johnson:
Chris McConnehey:
Judy Hansen:
Ben Southworth:
Justin Stoker:
Clive Killpack:
Chad Nichols:

If you are able to attend we would also love to have your support at the meeting. If you would like to you will have the opportunity to say a few words in favor of the rezone and our farm. The City Council meeting will be held:

West Jordan City Council Chambers (3rd Floor)
8000 S. Redwood Road

Thank you for your supporting us, as well as small farms and local agriculture in Utah!

Shayn & Kristen Bowler
Utah Natural Meat


Now Taking Orders for February!

With the new year upon us we have now finalized dates for 2013 with our butcher. Our website has been updated, and we are now accepting bulk orders for February. Visit the following links to place your order for a quarter, half or whole beef, or a half or whole pork:

Corriente Beef
Angus Beef

Deposits are due by Saturday, January 26.
Pick-up dates are Thursday, February 14 and Saturday, February 16.

We offer both premium processing and custom processing for your order. And even with snow on the ground, our animals are getting their greens! With our greenhouses and barley sprouts we are able to give them fresh greens year-round.

If you have any questions or need help with the ordering process, just let us know!

801-896-FARM (3276)

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