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If you have any questions on how to order please let us know. We are more than happy to guide you through the process. You can find our contact information HERE.


A sampler of different meats and cuts from our farm. Curated by Farmer Shayn, this package may include anything from pork to poultry, steaks to sausage, beef to bratwurst - and sometimes a surprise local, handcrafted item sold in our farm store.  Boxes will vary each month and quantities are limited. 


  • $159.00/box
  • Approximately 25 pounds of meat
  • 12 meals for a family of 4 (48 servings)







Grass Fed Corriente Beef - more info 

Grass Fed Angus Beef - more info

Pasture Raised Pork - more info

Grass Fed Lamb more info

Wild Alaskan Salmon more info



Pasture Raised Turkey more info  (available November 2019)

Pastured Chicken - more info

Pastured, Cage Free Eggs more info