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We partner with Kwee-Jack Fish Company who participates in the salmon run each year in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The salmon is flash frozen and then shipped to us. Plus, it's sushi-grade so it's perfect for your favorite homemade roll. You won't find better salmon! It's fresh, delicious and has amazing health benefits.


Separate Fillets: The 2018 catch has arrived and is now available in our farm store. Individual fillets are $15.75/lb.

Bulk Order Case: Now in stock! A deposit of $50 is required to reserve your case. Once you place your deposit an email confirmation will be sent along with available days for pick up. The balance of payment will be due when you receive your order at the farm.



20 pound case = $275 ($13.75/lb.)

$50 Deposit Required


Fall 2018 Bulk Salmon Deposit